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The flames r piping hot ,here
The sauce will burn your tongue ,dear
You can drink water from every well
It'll never quench the heat of Hell.

The light is golden,the shadows r red
You never know which flavour you'll get
I've commited every sin under this red roof
would do it again,it was so good


It sizzles,it scorches,it tortures,it pains
pumps blood,grows thicker in your veins
Inside your mouth it melts with pleasure
Flamed Pandemonium without measure.

Broken mirrors,Golden frames
the pizza cutters are glass blades
tastes of forked tongues,rings of desire
I want,I want,I want the fire


Beyond the thorny Kitchen Gates
temptations are lavishly spread
Pinch of guilt,sprinkle of desire
I want,I want,I want the fire.

There is no better place to chew on a spell
You know the best pizza is baked in Hell

*cackling,maniacal evil laughter*



Welcome to the Labyrinth...

The Labyrinth of my mind, where even I get lost from time to time.

In this journal, I will talk about my two favourite things, which, in turn, encompass everything else that populates the Labyrinth:

Reading and Writing.

There will be reviews and recomendations, there will be stories, there will be literary mayhem and ,sometimes, cake and ,sometimes, poison.

Step inside, of your own free will...