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Warning! may contain sex...

The following post is the result of a Twitter-dare to write a sex scene in a public place(the sex,not the writing,but you knew that).My co-conspirators are at various stages of build up with their scenes, except for @lil_monmon who finished first

And here is @Werewolfmike's bit of naughty

And here is mine (runs and hides):




That morning, she was oblivious to the painfully cold water on her hands or the antiseptic soap’s sting in the little cuts and burns.

The warmth inside her had nothing to do with her usual take-away cup of caramel mocha. Neither did the caffeine have any claim over her nervous energy.

She followed the other chefs through the double doors, into the cold of the industrial kitchens, collected her laminated duty sheet and occupied her station in a haze of far away thoughts.

As she began to gather bowls, utensils and ingredients for her first chore (baking scones today), her mind replayed the events of that morning again and again.

It hadn’t been love, or even lust, at first sight. Not for her. But there was something there, a buzz between them that she had tried to ignore, partly because she didn’t understand it (he was so not her type) and partly because he didn’t seem remotely interested, so why risk any unnecessary embarrassment? Her work place was already a nest of gossip and malicious pranks, no need for fuel on that fire.


Their morning coffee together had become a habit out of pure serendipity (a word that she couldn’t use anymore without feeling corny, damn rom-coms ). But their commute was long enough to justify extreme earliness, hers to avoid traffic, his to avoid choked public transport, and day break found them at the sad corner café, with three perpetually occupied tables. They found an alternative at the picnic area of the little park across the road. With a weathered concrete table between them, they shared twenty minutes of hot coffee and sleepiness, until their boss, keeper of keys, showed up for work.


Their conversations were shaky, never predictable, at times animated and whimsical, others strained and full of awkward pauses. She did her best to hide her feelings, and was confused by them, but, given the lack of flirting on his part during these golden matutinal opportunities, there was no doubt on her mind about his indifference.

Until today.

It had been icy and unpleasant in the park, but they were veterans who spent their mornings in a frigid kitchen (it was hell-hot in the afternoons). Stoically, they zipped up their coats and sat on their backpacks to keep away from the chilly concrete benches.

There was a bit of chatter, there was a sip of coffee, there was a pause….She was distracted, contemplating nothing, her mind unfocused for a minute. And then she caught him looking at her. It was so sudden; they froze, unable to break visual contact for just long enough. She saw it, transparent, obvious and painfully familiar.

The longing and tenderness. The sad certainty of the impossible .It was all in his eyes. It was all about her.

He broke away, embarrassed, but then looked back, searching for her reaction, at once hoping and fearing.

She felt so naked in that instant that she couldn’t hide. She smiled, openly, a yes to his unspoken question.

What followed was not the most coherent or romantic of exchanges, but it resulted in a bit of holding hands and a dinner date for that very night.


His station was visible from hers today. While she made her breakfast pastries on automatic pilot (thank God for muscle memory), she watched him work. This, she had done many times. She knew the tempting curve of his neck and the easy grace of his movements. The dexterity of his hands flustered her at times.

He was under a lot of pressure today, with a special assignment for a particularly picky customer. Very busy.


That was why it surprised her when, a couple of hours later, she walked into the pantry and he followed her to the last aisle, where the dried fruit resided. She turned and smiled, about to say something, but the thought was gone and forgotten when, quite without warning, he kissed her. It was brief and delicate, a promise of a kiss. Their eyes met and she could see her own desire reflected in his. If their first kiss had suggested sunsets and candlelight, the second one clearly stated rumpled sheets and love bites.

She barely knew they had been moving until she felt the ice-cream freezer behind her. He picked her up and sat her on it, making her height much more convenient. She had no objections, as this allowed her to slide her hands under his uniform to find more skin. He gasped at her fingers down his spine, but it only gave him pause for a second. Soon he was busy undoing her buttons so he could sprinkle kisses all over her neck, which rendered her helpless and might have made her knees falter, had she been using them to stand up, instead of wrapping her legs around him, as his mouth reached the lacy edge of her bra.

The door opened with a bang, giving way to two of their co-workers. As silent as possible, he helped her down from the fridge while her shaky fingers struggled with the buttons of her shirt. Two aisles away, a half-whispered chat, kitchen gossip, muffled laughter, boxes being unpacked, and then the door closed and they were alone again.

They got their breath back, barely, before he took her in his arms with a slow kiss that melted her insides. She wanted him, in that moment, with every bit of herself. Thus distracted, she did not notice his hand about her waistband until he started to pull down her pants. She began to object, only to be interrupted by the spine-tingling feel of his tongue travelling down her stomach. She tangled her fingers through his hair (she had wanted to do that so many times) and let him. When he reached his target, his touch was so light, it made her skin sing.

His timer went off, with an urgent strident bleep that made them jump. He stood up, fumbling to silence it, but they both knew what it meant. Something in an oven needed to be taken out and it was his job to do it. Right now.

They shared a look of amused annoyance and he kissed her neck once more (“I’ll see you tonight,” in her ear) before running out, adjusting the regulation paper hat over his rumpled hair. With a smile, she returned her uniform to a decent state. She had the feeling that tonight’s promised dinner would be more of a midnight snack.   


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