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Halloween read -SPACE HORRORS-

SPACE HORRORS: Read it and Shiver.


Are you ready for the future?

After reading “Space Horrors”, I feel I am fully prepared. My plan is simple. I’m going to spend it in the spaceship’s broomcloset.

It’s dangerous out there, in ways I had never imagined before.

But, now that the helpful authors of the “Space Horrors” anthology have imagined them for me, I am truly prepared. Yep. Broomcloset.


Space is scary. It looks vast and empty from our small-creature point of view. Hostile territory. No oxygen, no gravity. Very passive-aggressive towards humans, if we want to take it personally. You go out there and your head explodes.

Only it isn’t empty. It is choke-full of planets, suns, moons, stars, black holes, red dwarves, singularities ,wormholes and probably aliens.(We all want to believe).

Unexplored territory. The Unknown. And, since Earth has been explored to death and charted to tears, space is the ultimate Heart of Darkness.(thank you, Joseph Conrad)


 “Space Horrors”, a Flying Pen Press anthology edited by David Lee Summers(a very brave man) ,is divided in 5 parts. A menu of Horrors, if you will.

Aliens, Vampires, Spirits, Zombies and Man.

Guess which one is the most terrifying.


I’ll only say this: never get yourself put in cryogenic sleep for a many-years-long trip across the galaxy. It sounds easy and comfy but, trust me, you never know if you’ll wake up, what you’ll be when you wake up or who will wake you up.

Of course, you have no guarantee that staying awake will keep you safe either.

But hey, that’s just me. There is a plethora of terrifying options  in “Space Horrors”. Choose your own.


It comes as no surprise how often the unfortunate events of a story are a result of the human race’s worst traits .Greed, cruelty, cowardice, obsession, paranoia…become the catalyst that condemns a space crew, when they might have had a chance of survival. We are, perhaps, the monster we fear the most.

But you’ll also find love, loyalty and integrity in this book. Human empathy taken to a world where most of the elements are other than human.Sometimes,in musical form.


The vehicle is ,for the most part, adventure .Space is adventure. Travellers, explorers, pioneers, scientists, merchants ,central computers, thieves, colonists, cats(yes ,you heard me, cats) go on with their lives and encounter ….well, you’ll see. Each tale has its own little nasty way to set your heart racing and make your skin crawl.On at least one ocasion,your skin will be eaten.Just saying.
But there is adventure and you will find yoursef whispering "just one more" until,surprise,surprise you reach "Plan 9 in Outer Space".

Every story is a ride .Enjoy.


I’ll be in the broomcloset ,at the back of the cargo bay.  











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